Americans dying like flies, hospitals cannot cope, clown Trump spends time banning apps...and more

'In Los Angeles, where packed hospitals have been turning away ambulances, medics were Monday instructed not to transport adult cardiac arrest patients if they cannot be resuscitated in the field.The county's Emergency Medical Services (EMS) agency also issued a directive for ambulance crews to save oxygen supplies by only administering to patients with severely low levels.Local EMS agency

Covid-19: Safety Is Of Paramount Importance For The New Pfizer Experimental Mass Vaccination Program - Part 1/2

SSO said... Covid-19: Safety Is Of Paramount Importance For The New Pfizer Experimental Mass Vaccination Program - Part 1/2Let us all be very clear in our heads. This Pfizer vaccine is new, very new. It is a new technology. No one has the sufficient knowledge to become an "Expert" in the application of the vaccine, yet. So, please don't pretend to be or make use of the word "Experts" to

USA - What a beautiful sight!

Trump supporters clash with police in Washington. Photo credit ReutersWASHINGTON: Supporters of President Donald Trump stormed the US Capitol on Wednesday (Jan 6) in a bid to overturn his election defeat, forcing Congress to postpone a session that would have certified President-elect Joe Biden's victory.With drawn guns and tear gas, police evacuated lawmakers and sought to clear the Capitol

Bilahari Kausikan - Live streaming of Parliamentary session is not 'genuine transparency'

Singapore — Barely minutes into the first livestream of a Parliamentary session on Monday (Jan 4), a former Singapore diplomat criticized the move, calling it “a mistake”. In a Facebook post on his own page, Bilahari Kausikan wrote that the move “is a mistake. It will undoubtedly be hailed as a step in the direction of ‘transparency’. But the real effect will not be genuine transparency”...

Here Comes China - snippets

Ten Predictions for 2021 GDP expands 10%. Western experts predict GDP will expand by 8% and, since they are always 25% low, expect 10%–a $2.4 trillion addition to the economy and the fastest growth ever. Bonus Predictions: Wages rise 12%, the EU signs the Investment Agreement, the EEU merges with the RCEP.Most Fortune 500 companies are Chinese. More than 140 Chinese companies and fewer than

Opposition MP Meet The People Session - Showcase of a third world country

Above photo of WP MP Raeesah Khan meeting residents at the void deck of HDB flats in their Meet The People Session. Picture credit to is the most pathetic and shameful sight in Singapore politics. What would the world be saying looking at our opposition MPs in such a ridiculous position while trying to do their jobs to help their residents.All MPs, whether they are

Trump's stupidity continues to bankrupt Americans

The NYSE on Thursday said it would delist China Mobile Ltd, China Unicom Hong Kong Ltd and China Telecom Corp Ltd following President Donald Trump's move in November to bar U.S. investment in 31 firms that Washington says are owned or controlled by the Chinese military. Yahoo NewsTrump thought he was very smart to delist Chinese companies in NYSE. He does not know what he is doing, only